Pharmacros Blog

September 28, 2016

New Market Penetration: Lebanon

We are proud to announce our new distribution agreement for Cynergy Med in Lebanon.

Lebanon is a small but highly urbanized middle-income country of around 6 million people with a GDP of around US $45 billion, a GDP per capita of US $ 10,057.96 and an ease of doing a business ranking of 123 out of 189 economies. Beirut, the capital, Lebanon’s largest city has traditionally been the country’s hub of political and economic activity.

Although Lebanon has faced several obstacles over the past decade, despite these challenges, peripheral sectors have helped to maintain positive growth, which is also originated from pharmaceuticals and business services sectors, including finance, legal, accounting, engineering, architecture, advertising, media and information and communications technology.

From now on, our innovative food supplement, Cynergy Med, a high quality hydrolyzed collagen will be available in the market of Lebanon.
An important collaboration that offers us the opportunity to expand our network in the Middle East.