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September 28, 2016

The innovative Crackle Technology Guarantees The Efficacy Of Bodyecrackle!

But, what is Crackle Technology?

The impressive application and action of BodyeCrackle, comes from “micro explosions” caused when the mousse is applied on the skin. Micro explosions are caused by a sudden decrease of pressure creating a stimulation of the, full of active ingredients, mousse. The active stimulation of the mousse increases and thus, through the massage effect, the efficient absorption is achieved.

Clinically proven efficacy:

The University of Ferrara has performed specialized clinical tests, to determine the improvement in skin penetration of the product as a result of the innovative Crackle Technology; which are summarized as follows:

3 areas on the inside forearm of 12 volunteers were selected and the products applied were with exactly the same formulation, but different production technologies such as liquid gel, normal mousse and crackle technology mousse.

The image shows the reaction of the epidermis through a thermodiagram 10 minutes after the product’s application. The three areas are showing an increase in temperature, where in reality, the blue and violet areas are greater 10 minutes after the usage of the foam with Crackle Technology.
This rapid increase in temperature indicates that Crackle technology ensures faster absorption in the applied area compare to liquid gel, or regular mousse.

The results show that the crackle technology in form of a mousse contributes to the efficient enhancement action of the active ingredients on the skin within the first minutes of the application of the product.
In general, using common products to treat “orange-peel” skin blemish caused by cellulite, the massage action never exceeds 2-3 minutes, time which is not sufficient to trigger the active ingredients to be effective.

Thanks to crackle technology that highlights all the abilities of the mousse within the first 5 minutes, this simple problem is solved in a truly effective way, yet still preserving the genuineness of a natural product. This revolutionary technology that is applied to the cosmetic field constitutes an exclusive patent.


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