Pharmacros creates, produces and offers innovative products and integrated product lines in health and beauty with guaranteed proven results.

Who we are

Pharmacros is an innovative healthcare company, based in Switzerland. Our main goal is the creation and distribution of innovative products intended to offer the better quality of health. Our company remains loyal and committed to the relationship of trust and coherence with customers, through continuous research to produce high-quality products. The experience and the natural talents of the people who compose our team motivate our effort to provide wellbeing.

Our prestigious entrepreneurship gives us the boost for a stable and continuous development and our stabilization to major global markets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to search, study, produce and offer quality products at reasonable prices. Your needs for a healthy wellbeing, guide us.

Our Vision

We envision a world of accessible wellness to all because everyone deserves a healthy living.

5220Product portfolio
4937Products launched
2254473Units sold
58900000Turnover (€)

Brief History of Our Company

September, 2016

Acquisition of Gema Health LP

July, 2015

Acquisition of Artipharm ILAC

January, 2015

Incorporation of Pharmacros AG

December, 2014

Acquisition of Laskofit AD & Laskofit CY

November, 2014

1st distribution agreement

July, 2014

Acquisition of Equinox LTD & Colnagox LTD portfolios of products and pattern

December, 2013

1.000.000€ units sold

December, 2011

1.000.000€ turnover

September, 2011

Incorporation of Pharmacros AD

December, 2010

1st product launch

Pharmacros Worldwide